March 13, 2024

2024-03-13 | 18:55:05

"Great place to shop. Top brands."
March 5, 2024

Loyal customer

"I grew up through my teen years and beyond in Haskell. What an incredible small town! I loved the Personality Shoppe back then and over 50 years later I love it even more. I actually now live in Colorado but Glenda Gayle is delightful every time I call to make a purchase for her to ship. The quality and uniqueness is always superb! I’ve never been disappointed. Our small businesses are the heart and soul of a country town. The folks in Haskell are certainly aware that they need to wholeheartedly support each shop! I will continue to support the Personality Shoppe from afar and hope that other Haskell alumni will do the same. Check out their website and I know you’ll find something unique!"
August 25, 2022

2023-07-06 | 15:17:31

"I live in Wichita Falls and always stop here on my way to Abilene. Always find something there"
August 5, 2021

2023-07-06 | 15:17:38

"Very helpful, excellent customer service."
January 6, 2021

2021-01-15 | 20:59:25

"I loved the Sharon Young sweater and Slimsation pants my husband bought for Christmas and I loved the blanket we received as a gift. I bought 2 of the blankets (softest blankets ever!) to give as gifts to my daughter and her boyfriend!! I am so thankful to have a local boutique where they carry my basic black pants for work and closet staples as well as special occasion items. We counted last night and we were able to buy 6 separate Christmas gifts from Glenda Gayle’s shop!Clark’s, Ariat and lots of other brand shoes, ladies clothing (all ages), Brighton jewelry, gift items, the list goes on and on! Great personal service! Haskell has several really great stores, but this is my “go to”!"